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The Talk with Abbey podcast is a straightforward, conversational interview with interesting people in the entertainment industry with your host Kimberly Abbey. This podcast provides weekly episodes with subjects like; #MusicMonday, #WisdomWednesday and #FridayFun. 

Join Kimberly as she explores the personal lives of her guests, what they have experienced and learned on their journey in the entertainment industry and listen in as they provide expert advice about life, fun, laughter and the “secrets” of success.

Kimberly Abbey is a well-known radio host and music enthusiast, known as The Mistress of Music, with a career spanning nearly half a decade. Kimberly brings her unique interviewing style directly to her audience in a podcast format allowing the audience to experience the inner workings of Actors, Musicians and Entertainers.

Each episode features interview segments with special guests and “Kim’s Karing Korner” a unique and insightful final thought by your host teaching her audience how to believe and “go for it”.

Podcast Summary: A show about Music and Entertainment. Each episode brings you a new guest and an exhilarating format that impacts the way you listen to podcasts. Episodes are well-executed and contain great interviewing while still being short and to-the-point. Join Kimberly as she explores the world of Entertainment and Music and brings you along for the ride.